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On-demand delivery with Plus Driver 

Plus Driver is an on-demand delivery system that comes with 

innovative features and cutting-edge technology that addresses all the business problems of delivery. 

Plus Driver is also an incredibly flexible on-demand delivery app, since it can be used by 

numerous delivery firms, from food delivery, prescription delivery, laundry delivery, grocery delivery, and many more.

Why is choosing Plus Driver 

a smart decision?

A control center for all your delivery operations

Our on-demand delivery software admin panel comes with a collection of comprehensive features and 

tools that make it simple for you to handle delivery personnel, suppliers, and customers.


Add, remove and change your numerous vendors 

and delivery drivers according to your wishes.

Manage all your clients through 

the settlement of their grievances. 

Offer competitive deals to keep and 

draw current and new customers as well.

Manage payments by setting commission rates from a 

single location for different suppliers and delivery people.


A perfect companion app for your delivery driver

Profile management

Delivery persons can create and customize their profile by adding information about them.


Set availability

This feature allows the delivery agents to set their availability for accepting an order.


In-app navigation

The in-app navigation feature enables the delivery agents to reach their destination without any hassles.


View earnings

The delivery agents can easily track and view their earnings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

An easy-to-access 

app for customers

Track Orders

Customers can monitor the position of their order 

in real time with this function in place. 

Different payment types 

Via various methods, customers may make safe and 

seamless payments. Cash, card or wallet. 

Ratings & Criticisms 

Enable your clients to provide feedback in the 

form of ratings and reviews about their delivery 


Profile Management 

Enable your clients to handle basic data 

such as payment information, addresses, favourites, etc.


A powerful app for all your merchants

List items

The vendor can list his various items including its price, quantity, and other important information.


Manage orders

Manage all the orders seamlessly by accepting, rejecting, and viewing valuable insights of orders from reports and analytics.

One solution for all

Plus Driver is an incredibly flexible software for on-demand delivery as it can be 

used by multiple delivery companies that fall into various verticals of the industry.

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Food Delivery

It doesn't matter whether you own a hotel, a restaurant chain, or a 

start-up that delivers food. To raise their revenues, all these 

companies will use Plus Driver App distribution solution.

Pharmacy Delivery

Using Plus Driver delivery app to deliver all forms of medications 

and pharmacy supplies at the lowest time and margin of error.

Organizing Medicine

Retail Delivery

It doesn't matter whether you own a hotel, a restaurant chain, or a 

start-up that delivers food. To raise their revenues, all these 

companies will use Plus Driver' food distribution solution.

Grocery Delivery

Using Plus Driver delivery app to deliver all forms of medications 

and pharmacy supplies at the lowest time and margin of error.

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